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Crowdmatch Challenge Insight Report – Key Findings

Crowdfunding is seen as a credible funding option for community groups in areas of deprivation Community groups were positive about crowdfunding being another ‘tool’ in the ‘toolbox’ for raising funds. Both projects that launched and those that didn’t were positive … Continue reading

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Crowd-funding and movement-building

Eugenie Teasley, founder of Spark+Mettle, shares her tips on crowd-funding for first timers, and reflects on the benefits (but the struggle) of building a community of people around a cause. Crowd-funding is the easy option, right? No, but it is … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding: Enabling Communities to Mobilise Funds for Community Enterprise

This is a recent post from Michael Norton, Co-founder of Buzzbnk for the Spring Project: http://www.spring-giving.org.uk/ Crowdfunding uses the internet to raise money. However it is more than just fundraising, as it: • Seeks to raise funds to make something very specific happen. • Is all … Continue reading

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Changing Lives in Cheshire

We’re delighted by the recent influx of local community projects that have joined the Buzzbnk ranks, and none more so than Changing Lives in Cheshire – or CLiC as they are known for short. CLiC are a newly launched charity, and their purpose … Continue reading

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Make a Hub a Home

It’s a busy week at Buzzbnk – we’re welcoming three new projects to the site this week, and first up is charity Student Hubs who work with 14,000 students and 20 national NGOs in five universities to make sure that … Continue reading

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New this week: Sahara Botanicals

The inspirational founder of Sahara Botanicals, Stephanie Getson, is a 2011 Emerge Fellow at the Oxford-based Emerge Venture Lab and the latest entrepreneur to join the Buzzbnk community. Her mission is to create sustainable livelihoods in conflict-affected communities through the production … Continue reading

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Tabu Flo: New Video!

Check out Tabu Flo’s brand new video and find out more about this amazing breakdance crew creating social change in Uganda. They need your help to fund a documentary and to get to London for the opportunity of a lifetime…

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