Reap what you Sow: Crowdfunding tips from School Farm CSA

School Farm Community Supported Agriculture, the UK’s only no-dig, certified-organic community farm, have successfully raised £13,675 as part of The A Team Challenge. Reaching their target of £6,800 through crowdfunding, meant that they secured matchfunding from The A Team Foundation. These funds will enable them to offer on-farm training, education and apprenticeships, as well as opportunities for new entrants into farming.

For buzzbnk 2School Farm’s co-director, Laura Creen, washed the mud off her hands to give us an account of their crowdfunding challenge;

1. Did being part of The A Team Challenge spur you on to reach your goal?

Raising £13,600 through donations is a daunting challenge, but having a supportive Foundation take on half of that through match funding inspired us to believe it was achievable.  It made our campaign exciting to run as every pound donated by the public was matched by the foundation; people could really see their money going further.

2. Do you feel that your support network has grown as a result of crowdfunding?

Our project has only been running for 1 year, and through the campaign we’ve launched ourselves into the public sphere.  We doubled our facebook likes and we started a twitter account.  Growing food can be a very hard job that you can do in complete isolation, but this campaign has really let us tell everyone about what we do and why it’s important.  We’ve found our local community is supportive of what we do, and we feel boosted by that support.

3. What would be your top tips to others embarking on a crowdfunding campaign?

Keep it short and simple, and have a plan.  Keeping your campaign short increases the sense of urgency and excitement needed to generate donations.  Finding people to donate before you even launch your campaign is a great way to launch with a bang.

stoneledge farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Local Farming Week Twenty-Four4. How can people support School Farm CSA from here on in?

People can donate their time on our volunteer days by getting their hands dirty – our no-dig principles are a labour intensive way to grow food and help is always appreciated.  They can join us on our Beginners Gardening Course, or keep in touch via facebook or twitter.  If there are people with skills and experience who could donate their time on a one off basis or on a longer term commitment, we’re still looking for help to grow our social enterprise and farm into the future.

5. Would you recommend crowdfunding to others?

I would recommend crowdfunding as a way of raising funds if you need them in a time sensitive way.  It was important to us that we raised funds before the start of the growing season – otherwise we couldn’t continue.  I would also recommend it as a way to communicate your vision to the public and gauge whether people will support it.

6. What was the best part of your experience crowdfunding with Buzzbnk? 

The team behind Buzzbnk were always ready to help, and were prompt in replying to any queries.  I couldn’t recommend Theresa Burton and her team highly enough.

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FundIt.Buzz (formerly Buzzbnk) is an online marketplace connecting social ventures with backers, supporters and cheerleaders.
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