A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping…

happy_new_year_colorLove them or loathe them, make them or not, it is difficult to argue with the intention of reflection and self-betterment that most New Year’s Resolutions embody.

Whilst doing more exercise, reading more books and taking up new hobbies are all worthwhile pursuits, more often than not, they fall by the wayside and our usual patterns of behaviour kick in. Our resolutions usually focus upon the individual. Maybe this is the reason for their infamous unsustainability. If we knew that our promises would have an impact on others, would we be more inclined to stick to them?

With that in mind, why don’t we make 2014 the year of the Buy Social Revolution Resolution? (Catchy, isn’t it!) Buying Social is a practical, tangible and realistic objective which can have a direct and positive impact on individuals and wider society. In the wise words of Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK;

join revolution “When you spend with a social enterprise, your money goes towards supporting a social enterprise’s mission, helping to tackle some of society’s most pressing problems…The power to repair and change the economy is in everyone’s hands.”

And if that isn’t convincing enough on its own, John Bird, founder of the Big Issue says;

“Buying from social enterprise…brings work, opportunity and begins to heal the divide between rich and poor. It challenges social injustice.”

buy socialTo be inspired further, watch the Buy Social campaign animation launched in November by Social Enterprise UK and find out why others buy from social enterprises in this article by the Guardian’s Social Enterprise Network.

Already convinced? Here’s a list of just some of the UK’s fantastic social enterprises to get you started. Unleash your purchasing power and make your New Year’s Resolution to Buy Social!! To find certified Social Enterprises to buy from in your area, visit the Social Enterprise Mark directory.

Our Favourites: (many of whom have previously hosted campaigns with us on Buzzbnk. We are very proud of their success and have noted them with a *)

*Pants to Poverty


*The New Leaf Co-op

*Visionary Soap

Divine Chocolate

From Babies With Love

The Big Issue

Belu Water

The Eden Project

Chocolate Memories

Rubies in the Rubble


*Who made your pants?

and of course, Buzzbnk itself is a recognised Social Enterprise.

Happy Shopping!

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