The A Team Challenge – an innovative funding opportunity for Enlightened Agriculture ventures.

8480556403_a7dfbee33d_nYou have probably noticed food at the forefront of the news again over the past few weeks. There has been outcry as figures published by Tesco highlight the staggering proportion of food that is wasted in the UK every year. 

Whilst the report places much emphasis on consumers and households, there is no avoiding the fact that much of the food wasted is done so before it even reaches the supermarket shelves. There is a deep-rooted problem with the way that supermarkets operate and with the global food system in general.

Buzzbnk has been taking on food and farming-related projects since its inception, with charities and social enterprises looking at alternative, environmentally sustainable ways to bring healthy food to the table. We are now delighted to be working with The A Team Foundation and Funding Enlightened Agriculture on an exciting new initiative for funding food and farming projects in the UK – The A Team Challenge!

3590574365_0833c9c449_nIt is estimated that food and farming currently receives less than 1% of the income of the charity and voluntary sector in the UK. Of this, Government currently funds 45% of civil society work on food and farming and 61% of national and regional work, making future support for food and farming hugely vulnerable to Government cuts. 

The A Team FoundationFunding Enlightened Agriculture (FEA) and Buzzbnk have come together to create a funding solution which will enable food and farming projects to get the funds and support they need. This pilot project aims to increase the reach of The A Team Foundation’s funding but also to increase the sustainability and success of enlightened agricultural ventures by providing them with financial and strategic business advice, as well as building up support for the ventures from a crowd of people via crowdfunding.

The Challenge seeks to provide 7-10 projects with matched funding of between £2,500 to £10,000 per project. Participating projects will crowdfund for half their target and The A Team Foundation will match it. Visit The A Team Challenge website to find out more or to apply to take part.

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