CLICK2Change: a better world at your fingertips

An update from Michael Norton on his recent project on Buzzbnk:

Our appeal has reached its target. We raised the princely sum of £5,014.25, just exceeding our £5,000 target. It would have been a bit more, as I was planning a last ditch campaign to a selection of my email address book. But on Friday 29th July I was laid low with a severe cold; and by Monday 1st August it was too late, as that was the date the appeal closed. Anyway, a big thank you to all those who supported me; and a sigh of relief from those I was unable to contact!

This is our progress:

The manuscript has been completed, and is with my good friend Justin Nurse being designed. We are still discussing the layout. If you want to see the draft design, please let me know. Once the design has been agreed, it will be a simple job to lay out the text page by page.

The title is now CLICK2Change: a better world at your fingertips. This reflects that many people no longer use a mouse to search the internet. Thanks to those who helped me find the new title.

I am intending to publish the book in three ways:

• Electronically on LuLu This will have the advantage of being available anywhere in the world, and with the URLs being clickable.

• In hard copy using print on demand, which can be ordered from anywhere in the world, again on LuLu.

• Printing 1,000 copies in the UK, which I will distribute. Storage has been agreed with the Big Issue.

Now I have decided how I am going to publish it, I will talk to Turnaround Distribution to see if they will handle UK bookshop distribution for me. I think realistically early-December would be my preferred publication date, as I am planning to be abroad for a good part of November.

I am entering into a partnership with The Big Issue. This will involve sharing the copyright with them, but in return, getting free ads from time to time in the magazine, and being featured on a regular basis in the new e-magazine they are producing. We are also working with them to find ways in which (a) their vendors can give copies (in the UK) to their favourite customers (provided free to them by us), and (b) working with the vendors to get (some of) them to take small actions for a better world. The Big Issue and us both feel this is a good idea, so we now have to get it agreed and implemented through their structure.

If you have any good ideas for promoting or distributing the book, let me know. If you want to order multiple copies as Christmas presents at the special price of £5 per copy, contact me at norton (at)

Michael Norton

Director, CIVA (Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action)  and Author of 365 Ways to Change the World

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One Response to CLICK2Change: a better world at your fingertips

  1. IGOR KUSYSZYN says:

    Dear Michael,

    Here is my suggestion as to how you can sell more copies than you would ever dream of, of CLICK2CHANGE, GIVE IT AWAY! Well not exactly. Use a sliding scale, i.e., “The regular price is five pounds. You may send us wateve amount you wish and it may be more or less than the regular price.”
    Second, If you keep doing the stupendous deeds you have been doi ng you will be granted the Nobel Peace Prize.. Since I and Sherry Bennett each contributed 100 pounds to your latest project we expect to be inited to the ceremony.:)
    Third, CLICK2CHANGE will now be one of the three required texts in my Creativity course. Expect and order for 80 copies soon.

    Much love to you from Canada,


    Igor Kusyszyn PhD
    Professor of Creativity
    York University

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