ColaLife: The Importance of Reaching the First Milestone

There’s excitement in the Buzzbnk office today as ColaLife have reached their first funding target of £3,000 achieving their first milestone! But the stordoesn’t end there…

With more than 5 months still left to go, they are carrying on crowd-funding to hit their second and third milestones, of £10,000 and £20,000 respectively!

What’s great about Milestones, though – a unique part of the Buzzbnk platform – is that ColaLife receives the £3,000 as soon as they reach this first important milestone which allows them to progress at a crucial time in the development of the project. And the achievement could not have been more timely as the money comes just a few days before ColaLife’s trip to Zambia for important field work.

ColaLife is an incredible idea that will allow life saving medicines and aid to get to the most rural parts of the undeveloped world that need it most by using Coca-Cola’s distribution systems.

After living in Zambia 23 years ago, husband and wife team, Simon and Jane Berry realised that whilst you can get a Coke almost anywhere in the world, there are still communities where people are dying from diarrhoea because of lack of basic medicines and water purification.

In 2008 they realised that with developments in communication technology and a growing awareness of corporate responsibility, now might be the time to put ColaLife into action.

Since then they have been on an amazing journey to make it happen, developing an ‘Aidpod’ that fits between the necks of Coca-Cola bottles stored in a crate, and discovering the complex world of bottling, distribution and a myriad of partners that need to come together to make this idea a reality. Making the most of social media and building a crowd along the way, they’re almost there – and they need you to make sure they make the rest of the journey!

This first milestone enables ColaLife to visit the places they’ve selected for fieldwork, and put together a vital plan for a fully funded pilot, which is absolutely crucial to the development and success of the ColaLife project.

The ColaLife team can then move on to their next milestone (which they’ll reach at £10,000), which will allow them to test and refine the aidpod design which is at the very heart of this award-winning idea, to make sure they get the best aidpod possible – one that is not just a container, but doubles up as a water purifier.

We look forward to hearing all about the Zambia trip and how things are progressing with this life changing idea.

Find out more on this extraordinary movement at

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