Have you got Jungle Fever?

If you haven’t then you will soon if Cool It Schools have anything to do with it!

They have recently launched their ‘Jungle Fever’ campaign to save the rainforests on Buzzbnk and want everyone to catch it.

Rainforests are precious and we are losing them fast. Every year, we destroy 28 million acres of rainforest which means that if nothing changes, in 49 years time there will be none left. Jungle Fever aim to change that by raising urgent cash for conservation initiatives, and encouraging everyone to become a ‘Forest Friendly Shopper’ and avoid products that fuel deforestation.
Rainforests contain half the planet’s wildlife and represent home for many people. They create oxygen and absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide, control global weather patterns and contain many ingredients for medicines. Rainforests regulate the global ecosystem, without them we face the increasing occurrence of natural disasters and ultimately the extinction of life on earth.

Jungle Fever are working in partnership with 4 charities and 1 forest project, supporting the crucial work of Rainforest Concern, Size of Wales, Cool Earth, the Zoological Society of London and The Forestry Commission’s Bedgebury National Pinetum (the most complete collection of conifers in the world).

Join them at ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ party tomorrow, April the 7th, from 5 pm onwards in the lovely garden of London School of Art (map – http://bit.ly/gcMrFz ) or you can download your ‘Forest Friendly Shopping List’ to start shopping ethically while saving money and getting healthier too!

More about the campaign at www.buzzbnk.org/junglefever

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One Response to Have you got Jungle Fever?

  1. Kingsley says:

    Hi Matt, earthpal,As with most such prbomels, the best way to stop encroachment on the rain forests is to is to help the countries that own them industrialize. Until those nations have an economy that provides a chance for most every citizen to be employed at a decent rate of pay, there is no reasonable way to keep their people from feeding their families by destroying forests, elephants, seals, or whatever. Well, that’s not completely accurate in the general case. Modern tree farming techniques and equipment are almost good enough to compete with wild tree harvesting on a cost per board foot basis, mostly because the quality of farmed wood is so much better, meaning less waste, and because harvesting is much more reliable and efficient. Yet, in the case of rare woods, like many harvested from rain forests, there is no tree farming industry growing that type of wood, so its only source is from wild growth. On the other hand, since these trees can’t be economically grown in the currently developed countries because of the weather, introducing tree farming to areas with the right weather sounds like a good bet on where aid money should be going.the Grit

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