Stand against exploitation – Living Lens and Kolkata Sanved

As the 2012 Olympics in London fast approaches, Living Lens and Kolkata Sanved are asking us to remember another side to the games – a darker side that affects many women who are violated and exploited through sex trafficking.

Living Lens and Kolkata Sanved: Future Dance

It’s a time when the whole world will be looking at London and the Olympic Games, and evidence suggests that there has been an increase in the trafficking of women into the UK in relation to the construction of the Olympic village. Police and NGOs say that this will continue with the arrival of tourists for the Games themselves.

Reliable statistics are hard to obtain, but the UN estimates there are anything between 700,000 and four million women and children who are trafficked every year. Despite unspeakable acts of abuse, exploitation and degradation, damage to health and psychological scars, very little action has been taken.

Now the video and dance projects Living Lens and Kolkata Sanved want to shine a spotlight on the devastating reality of sex trafficking and contribute to public education and social change. People will be urged to stand alongside survivors, taking action and adding their voice to the call for change.

In India, Kolkata Sanved work with women who’ve been trafficked into forced prostitution. Using dance their work offers the women opportunities to reclaim their bodies, healing the past and transforming their lives. In the UK, Living Lens work with women who’ve experienced the same brutal exploitation. Using video, they provide women opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences with audiences including policy makers and service providers to bring about positive social change.

Together, they need to raise enough money to purchase film equipment to develop a life changing project in 2012 giving a voice to survivors, raising awareness, improving the lives of survivors in India, the UK and beyond, and to exchanging knowledge and skills.

Help them get started and let your contribution celebrate these survivors.

Find out more and back this project at

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