Spread a little love with Buzzbnk

It’s Valentine’s Day, and here at Buzzbnk, we’re keen to help you spread a little bit of love and make some change in the world at the same time.

Still looking for that perfect last-minute Valentine’s gift or want to give something a little different this year? Or just want to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy? Why not treat you and your Valentine the Buzzbnk way…

Back a Buzzbnk venture to do something good with your money, get involved with some inspiring social ventures and receive some great (and even romantic!) benefits! Find out more below:

Back The Mushroom Project to receive some amazing mushroom recipes and cook up a storm for your special someone! Support women living in poverty in rural India as they gain a source of income and fight malnutrition with a unique mushroom growing scheme. http://bit.ly/fiiXYT


Back Magnificent Revolution and whisk your loved one off to an intimate pedal-powered gig in a secret London location… Promote pedal power and green energy with Magnificent Revolution’s unique cycle-in film screenings, gigs and more! http://bit.ly/hAfYrb

Make sure you check out all the ventures on http://www.buzzbnk.org to find a project you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

About FundIt.Buzz

FundIt.Buzz (formerly Buzzbnk) is an online marketplace connecting social ventures with backers, supporters and cheerleaders.
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